Atheist church

Atheist Church to Open in New York

The first atheist church in the United States is set to open its doors next month in New York City. The Dawkins House of Enlightenment is the first official religious order that staunchly opposes the…

eating glue makes you smart

Eating Glue Makes Your Kids Smarter

For decades, the children who ate glue and paste in kindergarten were considered unintelligent outcasts. However, new studies are showing that the smartest adults spent their formative years eating glue. This study followed the students…

Climate change is the worst

The Realities of Climate Change

Climate change is the single most pressing issue affecting the entire planet. If this issue is not addressed, then the future of all mankind is lost. For decades, scientists, celebrities, and the media have warned…

Ghosts are real

Proof Ghosts Exist

Ghosts have been proven as a scientific fact through research by the Vermont Institute of Forensic Arts. Their decades long study has proven the existence of ghosts in a remarkable number of photographs and videos….