Bigfoot Given Honorary Doctorate

Clemson University, in South Carolina, has bestowed the elusive Bigfoot an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts with a concentration in Existential Arts. This degree was awarded after the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities help a public forum debate to identify the most influential and dynamic performance artist of the modern age.

Bigfoot’s performance is a decades-long study of the struggle of existence and the instability and fragility of self-identity. The elusive and fleeting nature of Bigfoot himself is a testament of how a person can exist through an illusion within society’s consciousness.

This is not the first degree granted to Bigfoot. He currently holds three bachelors degrees in biology, zoology, and liberal arts, as well as a masters degree in finance. All were granted to the creature as honorary degrees acknowledging his achievements as a modern mythological creature.

David Hartmann, chair of the Clemson College of Performing Arts, released a statement about this historic event:

It has been an honor to commemorate such an imaginative and insightful performer. There is so much that every performing artist can learn from Bigfoot. The dedication to the craft, the depth of the message, the way he has captivated the public for decades. 

This is simply the best performance piece that I have ever seen. 

Clemson’s public relations department has attempted to reach out to Bigfoot for a public display of appreciation of his work. To date, he has yet to respond.

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