Scientists Close to Knowing Where Babies Come From

Where do babies come from?

Throughout the history of mankind, one mystery has eluded the scientific community – where do babies come from? This question is close to being answered.

There have been many theories about the possible answers to this question. Some have speculated about babies emerging from vegetable crops, while others formulated elaborate delivery systems run by waterfowl.

Scientists have been working hard to formulate the correct questions to ask in order to better understand where they come from. It is common knowledge that women seem to know the answer, but are not willing to share the answer.

We now currently know that at some point babies are inside a mother’s stomach region. We still need to know how the babies get in there and how they get out.

This is a truly remarkable step forward for reproductive science. Soon we hope to understand another step in this mystery.

The desire to understand this mystery is so great that the scientific community is entertaining just about every theory.

Some interesting theories are currently at the forefront of scientific debate and analysis.

The current leader in this debate insists that all babies are always inside┬áthe mommies, and that when she falls in love, one baby is chosen with the daddy to get bigger and be the baby. However, this theory fails to explain the exit from the mommy’s tummy.

Another popular theory insists that the mommy’s are lying about having a baby in their tummy. No baby could enter a mommy, live for months, and exit. However, this theory fails to explain where babies come from and instead focuses on debunking current understanding.

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