eating glue makes you smart

Eating Glue Makes Your Kids Smarter

For decades, the children who ate glue and paste in kindergarten were considered unintelligent outcasts. However, new studies are showing that the smartest adults spent their formative years eating glue. This study followed the students…

you can grow fruit hybrids from home

Fruit Hybrids Grown in Your Own Home

Fruit is an important part of a healthy diet. They are often full of needed nutrients and fiber. However, not all fruits are created equal. Some are rich in one vitamin, while others are lacking in the same….

healthy foods for a healthier you

Top 5 Foods to Eat for a Healthy You!

Nutrition is perhaps the hardest aspect of overall health for many people. In a modern world of convenience and processed goods, it can be nearly impossible to ensure that a proper diet is maintained. However,…

new smart belt promotes weight loss

New Smart Belt Promotes Weight Loss

Samsung has developed a new smart belt that promotes weight loss for the wearer. This belt uses sophisticated sensors to monitor the wearer in order to verbally abuse them when they are hungry. This new…