North Korea Revolutionizes Renewable Energy

North Korea Renewable Energy

The honorable leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has bravely lead his humble country to the very edge of scientific innovation. North Korea is now the sole proprietor of the world’s first truly renewable energy source.

North Korea state media reports that this renewable energy discovery was made by Kim Jong Un himself. The countries beloved leader has a history of being a very gifted man.

Kim Jong Un’s father was birthed upon a sacred mountain, creating a new star and changing winter into spring. This kind of influence was fully inherited by Kim Jong Un. This raw, untamed power flows through the North Korean leader, allowing him to master every task he meets.

The late Kim Jong Il  is renowned around the world for his fashion sense and the creation of the hamburger. This innovative spirit was evident in young Kim Jong Un, who learned to drive at the age of three.

By studying the greatness within his own body, Kim Jong Un has discovered the secret to a powerful and completely renewable energy source. The North Korean leader’s body is so finely tuned that he is able to eat and drink without producing any waste.

Un is able to precipitate his own greatness into a substance more powerful than any Western or Japanese power source. One drop is enough to power every home in the world for one thousand years. North Korean media is reporting the Un has already produced several gallons of his essence.

Current plans are to use their majestic intercontinental ballistic missiles to ship this energy source to the West and Japan in order to cleanse their lands for North Korea. This will begin a glorious and bountiful future for the faithful followers of Kim Jon Un.

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