The Realities of Climate Change

Climate change is the worst

Climate change is the single most pressing issue affecting the entire planet. If this issue is not addressed, then the future of all mankind is lost.

For decades, scientists, celebrities, and the media have warned of the impending doom. Yet, there are still those that do not take this crisis seriously.

Thankfully, there are righteous prophets proclaiming the truth of climate change. Distinguished and knowledgeable men like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Nye of Science Guy have stepped into the public arena.

These brave and enlightened men are not shaping opinions based on trivial things like education, training, or experience. Instead, they are guiding the public mind through familiarity and fame.

They direct us all to the unforgiving reality of what is slowly poisoning us. These poisons are already in our water supply, as this video explains.

How Climate Change will Affect Us

As the poisons alter our environment, there will be drastic temperature swings. Some areas will be hotter at times, while others will be colder.

Water may fall from the skies. Winds may blow at inconvenient speeds. Some places may flood during rainy seasons. Other places may go through long periods of drought.

There may even be tornadoes and hurricanes in regions where these storms occur, during the normal seasons that these storms would occur.

People without adequate water, electricity, and air conditioning could even die.

This is a dire situation that must be addressed. We all have the right to live in a mild and temperate climate, free from the erratic swings of a changing climate.

There is clearly only one possible solution to this crisis. We must band together globally to help foster a climate as soft and forgiving as our weak bodies in our air conditioned homes.

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