Fracking Poses Shocking New Environmental Threat to the U.S.

Fracking is the process of extracting oil from shale deposits deep underground. It has been a technological breakthrough in the oil business. Vast reserves of oil that were once thought to be impossible to tap into are now supplying the oil needs of America. Today, it has revealed a terrible environmental threat to our nation, and the world.

Fracking itself involves the breaking up of shale deposits and displacing the oil with a mixture of water and chemicals. These methods lead many to believe that fracking has a negative impact on the environment. These concerns include the contamination of groundwater, despite the shale deposits being hundreds of feet below the water table.

However, a new and different environmental threat was discovered through Fracking. This is a terrible threat that has remained trapped deep within the shale. That is, until fracking disturbed their slumber.

Through ultrasonic and radar scanning, fracking probes have discovered ancient mechanical objects burred within the shale. These objects appear to be be humanoid in structure, but metallic in composition.

The humanoid machines appear to be crawling out of larger structures that are assumed to be some kind of ship. Scientists have been unable to accurately determine the age or origin of these objects.

The violent destruction of fracking probes has shown these metallic monsters to be hostile.

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Scientists have attempted to establish a visual feed to determine what exactly has been occurring within these fracking sites. They were only able to capture one clear image.

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