New Smart Belt Promotes Weight Loss

new smart belt promotes weight loss

Samsung has developed a new smart belt that promotes weight loss for the wearer. This belt uses sophisticated sensors to monitor the wearer in order to verbally abuse them when they are hungry.

This new technology uses bio metric and bio-acoustic sensors to monitor the wearer for signs of hunger. As the wearer becomes hungry, the belt will verbally abuse the wearer, shaming them into choosing to remain hungry instead of stuffing their mouths with food.

The smart belt’s adaptive technology monitors the wearer’s vital signs to determine which insults are the most effective. This feature provides a personalized weight loss regimen.

This shame is an essential aspect of the smart belt. No other weight loss peripheral incorporates the motivating power of a body image attacking verbal assault.

The guilt and shame provided by the smart belt is the tool that many need to help them lose weight. This belt is like an overly critical family member, hovering over your shoulder and motivating you through the slow, relentless erosion of your self-esteem.

Many of the beta testers for this device have publicly shared their success stories on Facebook and Twitter.

“I went from an obese 250 lbs. to a healthy weight of 105 lbs. I can only thank Samsung and the smart belt. Now I can maintain my new healthy look through the crippling sense of worthlessness gnawing away my insides.” – John Templeton

“Before I started using the smart belt, I thought I could control my weight through healthy eating and exercise. Now I know that I was wrong. I am simply not worthy of food. This gaping void inside my gut is what I deserve. Thanks Samsung!” – Tricia Fontleroy

This belt is scheduled for release to the public in the fall of 2016. Pre-orders begin in March.

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