Marijuana Cures Cancer

marijuana cures cancer

Cancer has been a terrifying predator attacking mankind for decades. The root causes are difficult to determine, and there are many types of cancer that seem to have no cure.

However, new studies show that the cannabinoids found in marijuana can help people in the fight against cancer.The best part is that the type of cancer does not seem to matter. Marijuana cures it all.

This study, conducted at Duke University in North Carolina, examined cancer cells throughout exposure to various levels of cannabinoids. The results show that as the marijuana use increases, the number of cancer cells decreases.

These findings have been met with criticism. Many experts are claiming that these results could only come from a poorly designed and executed experiment.

Dr. Edward Scherenhänden, the leading scientist for this research at Duke, has certified that the results are real.

We have taken extra precautions to ensure the cleanliness, purity, and degree of righteousness of each sample. We have compared everything to our control group of bogus cancer that has not been treated with some totally dank bud.

There are no errors in the experiment. I invite anyone who disagrees to repeat the experiment. We can even play some Call of Duty or something. Maybe some Netflix and pizza. 

We can even smoke a little bud, if you’re down with 420.

Since so many states have already begun to take steps to decriminalize marijuana, this news can only help to further remove the stigma. More states can only decide to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana, especially to fight cancer.

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