Hillary Clinton: Where Philosophy Meets Physics

Hillary Clinton is a paradox

With the national attention on the current top political candidates for the next presidency of the United States, it would be very beneficial to examine the possibilities with an unbiased, objective scientific eye.

However, one question keeps distracting me from observation. One question baffles my mind as each new factual twist and turn unfolds:

How the hell is Hillary Clinton a candidate?

Now, before our progressive readers jump to the comments, allow me to explore this topic from a scientific perspective, and not a political one.

The Paradox

Clinton is a paradox, to put it simply. Objectively, she should not be in the running. Yet, there she is.

Let us examine a couple aspects of this paradox. First, she claims to be a supporter of LGBT rights as well as the rights of women. The LGBT community celebrated to overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013. This act was signed into law by Hillary’s husband in 1996, which she supported at the time.

The Clinton Foundation has also accepted donations from countries like Saudi Arabia, which punishes homosexuality and transgender-ism with death, and treats women like second class citizens.

How can she be a champion of women and the LGBT community with a track record like this? And yet, there she is.

Hillary is currently caught within a federal scandal involving her emails as secretary of state. She willingly used a private email server to send and receive classified material, which is a definite federal offense. And yet, she is still a candidate.

The list goes on and on. There is no factual, legitimate claims to justify her as a solid candidate for the presidency. Yet, she is the top Democratic nominee.

The Explanation

The only answer is that she must exist in a realm of paradox, where physics and philosophy collide. She is living in a world shaped by her own will, despite the physical, natural order of reality. She defies logic.

Despite her shortcomings, failures, and lies, she is one of the top two candidates to become the next leader of the free world. The only possible explanation for this illogical reality is that it is not based upon logic.

Hillary is a paradox, wrapped in lies and deceit. She is a falsehood placed upon a podium for the world to praise.

Also, I heard that she isn’t really human.

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Greg Johle
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