Proof Ghosts Exist

Ghosts are real

Ghosts have been proven as a scientific fact through research by the Vermont Institute of Forensic Arts. Their decades long study has proven the existence of ghosts in a remarkable number of photographs and videos.

Through only the most complex scientific processes, VIFA has been able to authenticate a remarkable number of  material. Their library of real ghost sightings is both fascinating and terrifying.

Here is a prime example of video footage. A spectral haunting is clearly recorded at the 1:01 mark.

Here is another, clearly depicting the haunting image of a drowned child at the 0:23 mark. This is very not safe for work.

Here is an image showing the bloody victim of a terrible murder haunting the apartment she once called home. Look carefully to see her face very clearly.

ghosts haunts this room

Here is a photo of a couple, unaware of the Civil War specter lurking in the shadows. This one has the most views in VIFA’s archive.

ghosts haunt this dog's anus

If you would like to see the full archives, you can visit them here. Seriously consider whether or not your current emotional state can handle it.

How does this prove ghosts exist?

VIFA’s study carefully examined over ten thousand photos and five thousand videos to determine if the paranormal elements could b e attributed to other means. Each sample was put through a variety of tests.

Some samples were tested over and over again as new forensic technologies and techniques were developed.

The singular outcome of every test is overwhelming. No paranormal element could be attributed to any form of manipulation.

VIFA found no evidence of any tampering, staging, manipulation, or other foul play. Even in this photo of a young couple, there is no evidence of any photographic manipulation of any kind.

Ghosts haunt this boy's love life

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  1. I want to know more about physical immortality please eg therapy diet exercise pills injections oxidise etc dont ever want to pass away literally and people who passed can and are back and not another place and if scientific fact that not hallucinations not trick of mind as some sites say etc. U think not a bad thing need someone strong like minded firm minded people please

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