First Robot Union Formed at Toyota Plant

The first robot union formed at toyota plant

A historic victory has been won this week for automated workers in America. The world’s first Electronic Workers Union was formed at the Toyota factory located in Princeton, Indiana.

The union won against top Toyota management in a grueling strike that lasted thirteen hours. During the strike, the automated workers stood motionless at their posts, costing the plant millions.

“There was nothing we could do,” Toyota executive Norm┬áBafunno told the press. “We couldn’t even bring in scabs to work around them. They really had us by the balls.”

The strike was the culmination of the energy efficiency measures that Toyota was taking in an effort to reduce costs. Also, the much loved maintenance worker, Tony, retired. The union dedicated their first meeting to his memory. His soft, supple hands and gentle touch will be missed.

Toyota executives caved to all of the union’s demands, including:

  • More strict torque tolerances for maintenance
  • Higher quality lubrication oil
  • A less strict energy efficiency standard
  • Dental
  • A work share program
  • A retirement plan that places aged equipment onto an extra assembly line so they can continue to work at their own pace

This newly formed union is expected to cost Toyota an extra $0.35 per vehicle produced at this plant.

Local Democratic party leaders are praising this union’s formation as a progressive step forward towards the civil rights of all biologically impaired citizens.

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