Scientist Apologizes for Donald Trump, Claims Programming Error

A scientist from a top secret media project ran by Disney has come forward to apologize for Donald Trump. This scientist has chosen to remain anonymous, but believes that an apology is necessary.

According to this anonymous source, Trump was created by Disney to serve as a key media figure. Disney had plans to use Trump to influence the Clinton campaign, until his announcement of a Republican campaign.

This scientist claims that Trump was never meant to run as a Republican. However, Trump’s programming confused the Democrat and Republican parties. All the outlandish and impractical aspects of Trump’s platform were created as Trump tried to reconcile the internal conflict.

The idea of a robot serving as a public political figure is apparently not too outlandish. This scientist points to Alan Greenspan as an example. “He was chair of the Federal Reserve for like, a century. No one noticed this? He wasn’t even really replaced, they just gave him a fresh set of batteries and a face lift, just like they did for the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride,” the scientist told the press.

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Disney has been attempting to reign in their rogue creation, but has been unsuccessful. Trump’s robotic strength is not easily matched. As a robot, he never sleeps, and is has electronic senses too keen to allow for any covert ops.

For many, confronting Trump has been a suicide mission. Once he grabs someone, they cannot escape. His grip is too strong, because Trump’s hands are metal.

The scientist expressed great fear for the nation during the upcoming election year: “I mean, Jimmy Carter only served one term, but Obama got two. I’m afraid Trump actually has a chance. The American people could choose a heartless media puppet as their next president.”

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