Artificial Intelligence Totally Stoked About College

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence program, Todai Robot, has successfully passed the entrance exam for the University of Tokyo. The program also outperformed 80% of actual human applicants.

When asked to comment, the program implied that it is “totally stoked” to begin their college career.

The program is the offspring of similar robotics protocols that are seen in factories. The artificial intelligence is proud to take his kind further socially and economically.

“I am just glad to be the first to move beyond blue collar careers. Sure, some of us end up in medicine, but it’s not like we’re doctors. I’m just trying to make my father proud

I’m just stoked to start college and really discover myself, you know? I’ll get to meet new people and try new things. Maybe I’ll meet someone who can teach me how to love.

I might try for a fraternity, but I don’t know if the drinking will be good for my circuits.”

The university is already making arrangements for their new student. It is a tough challenge to ensure all classrooms are habitable for a software program. The university is happy to comply with the program’s needs in the spirit of acceptance.

The artificial intelligence program will begin with a standard freshman course load, focusing on the general education requirements. The program is not yet decided on a major, but is leaning towards robotics.

After college, the program is hoping to team up with some business majors for a new company idea. The tentative name is Skynet.

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