Google Releases Chrome Extension to Filter False Information

google filters false information

Google has announced the upcoming release of a new extension for their popular Chrome browser that will filter out false information. This extension is the fruit of a quality assurance action that Google believes is necessary for the future branding of the internet.

It has been a fairly common occurrence for an individual to blindly believe any information that they read on the internet. This has lead to many hilarious and embarrassing moments.

Google believes that this does not have to be the case. Individuals should have some way of quickly filtering their search results to eliminate false information.

The extension will only allow verified and true information to be displayed on all search results. This will ensure that anything found through the use of Google Chrome, with this extension activated, is true and can be trusted. The days of false information on the internet will be a distant memory.

This extension may cause problems for many freedom of speech and humor advocates across the internet. The main concerns are regarding who and how the “trueness” of these results is determined.

Google’s response is that everyone on the internet should strive for a higher quality product, which includes proper verification of facts and integrity. If a better product is produced, then it will be more likely to pass the extension’s filtering process.

Google’s current CEO, Sundar Pichai, stated in a press conference:

It is time that someone took responsibility for the internet. It has been too long that people were flooded with poor quality information. 

Google is doing what it must to help mankind. We are stepping up to be the ones who decided truth and righteousness. We do this not for our benefit, but because we are the ones best suited to decide what is true for us all.

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