Oculus Released Entry-Level Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality hardware company Oculus has released an inexpensive, entry-level headset that is sweeping the nation by storm. This headset is lightweight, easy to use, and the graphics are almost completely lifelike.

This headset currently retails for $350. It is a bargain at this price.

The entry level headset contains only the most advanced technology in the world of virtual reality today. The lenses are specially coated to maximize theĀ virtual reality experience.

The sound is transmitted through the arms of the headset directly to your eardrums through your skull. This is a new development used by the military to allow ambient sounds to mix freely with the headset sound.

vr for cheap

This man was speechless. The new Oculus headset’s performance could not be described with words.

The headset also utilizes a cutting edge power system. Apparently it never needs to be plugged in or charged. The movement of the wearer recharges the headset constantly.

Oculus has only released one game with this headset. It is an open-world, sandbox style game made to mimic everyday life. However, the VR manufacturer encourages users to get creative with their game play.

There are many avid fans of Oculus that have nothing but praise for the headset.

“It’s like real life, but… better. I don’t have to pretend that I don’t really want to be a dwarven warrior. I can just be one. I can finally beĀ me.” – Allison Schultz, Chicago

“I can finally know what it’s like to play Destiny in virtual reality.” – Jordan McMasterson, Phoenix

“My girlfriend left me because I haven’t taken them off in five days.” – Sam Spitzer, San Francisco

The biggest and most consistent praise of Oculus’ first generation headset is that the graphics and sound are so life-like. Many cannot distinguish between the in-game world and reality.

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