Scientists Agree on Best Bachelor Pad Ever

bachelor pad agreement

Five scientists at MIT have come to a unanimous conclusion that Dan has the coolest bachelor pad of all time. Dan has become the undisputed champion of the scientific community and will be celebrating a weekend long Mario Kart competition to celebrate.

Dan’s sweet pad, located in his mother’s basement, is a carnal delight that appeals to every scientist’s inner bachelor. There is something for everyone.

“He’s got a mini fridge and a 3D printer! It’s amazing!”

– Marc A. Baldo, Professor of Electrical Engineering

The room is reported to be more like a second master suite than a bedroom. There is more than enough room for Dan’s bed and a full living room. Instead of using a flat screen television, Dan employs a very bright HD projector. The results are a screen the size of the entire wall.

“I love the projector. Dan says he pleads the fifth on how he got it. It may or may not be stolen.”

-Konstantinos Daskalakis, X-Window Consortium Professor

The WiFi signal and speed is reported to be outstanding. Apparently, Dan had designed and built the entire network for the house. In doing so, he ensured that the best signal was in his bachelor pad.

Dan’s room mates don’t seem to mind the noise. Dan’s step-dad, Jake, built him a bunch of acoustic panels out of towels and wood. The noise never reaches upstairs.

Dan is hosting a huge Mario Kart competition next weekend. It will surely be a weekend of legend among the scientific community at MIT.

“I can’t wait for next weekend. I’m going for the gold. Maybe if I win, Dan will let me sleep over. I hear his mom makes great pancakes. I told Marc that I have dibs on Toad. He better not try to take him.”

-Erik Demaine, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

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